Regenerative Medicine Using the healing power of your own body.

When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have a innate response to heal and defend. What if we could help the body heal better?

Chronic pain typically stems from damage to the body as a result of degeneration, injury, or illness. Most pain therapies concentrate on controlling the pain with medications, injections, or devices that block pain signals in one way or another.

Regenerative medicine provides a new option for the treatment chronic pain conditions.

Regenerative Medicine is an advanced, nonsurgical treatment option that utilizes the body's unique healing power to treat chronic degenerative conditions. It focuses on restoring function to damaged or injured tissue by harnessing and optimizing the body's own mechanisms of self-repair.

The result is a highly concentrated natural treatment option that is tailored to treat chronic pain conditions within the musculoskeletal pain

Michigan Pain Consultants is currently applying regenerative medicine techniques to treat a wide range of chronic conditions including tendon and ligament injuries, nerve damage, osteoarthritis and disc degeneration of the spine.

Contact Michigan Pain Consultants today to find out if regenerative medicine is the right option for you.

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