Deadass Meme Timb's & rats

On Monday, August 15 NASA Mars curiosity rover captured a very appealing image. The image shows what appears to be a "Fresh pair of Timbs" as New Yorkers would call them. Now we are more than certain that life on Mars is very possible. We talked to some fellow New Yorkers from Upper East Manhattan what they had to say about this discovery... Laquan(19) said "Oh sh*t fam we finna be livin' up in dat bih soon man" another person by the name of Bon Qui Qui(53) told us "My lawd swee jesus oh ma lawd we done did it OH MA LAWWWD" briefly before fainting of excitement the last person we talked to was 12 year old Rawshan Williams who simply told us "Join my Minecraft server I have cool modz".We'll keep you updated as the story continues but for now this is Sergio Cornejo SIGNING OFF

New York is a city known for many many things like the Statue of Liberty and The Brooklyn Bridge but nothing and I mean NOTHING makes New York more famous than the timb wearing rats you find in Brooklyn. Now you might be thinking what is he talking about? Well let me enlighten your mind a tad bit shall we? In the year 1952 a man named Nathan Schwartz had a dream, his dream was to make high quality boots which he fulfilled :') Now more than 50 years later his boots make rats from Staten Island to The Bronx happy as can be.

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