Design 1 Rodrigo Rendon

Spring 2017

Comp. 1.1 Introduction to Principles of Design - Digital Print
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Comp 2.1 Line Continuum, Comp 2.4 Linear Depth, Comp 2.3 Line Antithesis, Comp 2.2 Expressive Lines
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Comp 3.1 Finding Shapes, Comp 3.2 Shape Transparency, Comp 3.3 Shape to Form, Comp 3.4 Elegant Accidents
Composition 4 - Spatial Paraphrase - Digital Print
Composition 5.1 - Re-Light, Composition 5.2 - Camouflaged Self-Portrait, Comp 5.3 - Value Scale
Created By
Rodrigo Rendon

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