"A Bittersweet Memoir'' by: Jerry Izenberg November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

It is a remembrance formed as I stood at the water's edge in Puerto Rico and and stared at daybreak into the waves that killed him. (p.106)

Based upon the context clues, ''remembrance'' means the action of remembering something.

And most of all, those cold numbers won't begin to delineate a man Roberto Clemente was. (p.106)

Based upon the context clues the word, ''delineate'' means to describe.

You can hear the waves pound harshly against the jagged rocks.(p.107)

Based on the context clues the word, ''harshly'' means ungentle

Long before take-off time it was apperent that the plane needed more work.(p.108)

Based on the context clues the word, ''apparent'' means clearly visible.

Across town, a man named Rudy Hernandez who had been a teammate of Roberto's when they were rookies in the Puerto Rican league and who had later pitched for the Washington Senators was trying to contact Roberto by telephone.(p.108)

Based on the context clues the word, ''rookies'' means a new recruit especially in the army.

Long before take off time it was apparent the plane needed more work.

Based on the context clues the word ''apparent'' means clearly visible

At 9pm. even as the stirrings of the annual New Years Eve celebration were beginning in downtown San Juan the DC-7 Taxied Onto the run way recived clearence rumbled down the narrow concrete strip and pulled away from the earth.

Based on the context clues the word '' rumble'' means to make a conclusion.

''on saturday bits of cockpit were sighted.''

Based on the context clues the word cockpit means a place where battle is placed.

He told me that Pedron Zarrilla who was one of our most prominent baseball people had seen him play.

Based on the context clues the word ''prominent'' means to stand out


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