Rebekah Grimm Transcript By Odin Johnston

Rebekah Grimm: Hi my name is Rebekah Grimm

Odin: What is your high school life like so far?

Rebekah: pretty cool, its actually pretty fun but a little bit stressful

Odin: why stressful?

Rebekah: because there’s just so many finals

Odin: same, relatable. How was your childhood?

Rebekah: it was pretty good I guess, I don’t really remember much of it, but I got a lot of toys

Odin: what is one struggle of high school?

Rebekah: oh Jeez

Odin: one major one you find yourself struggling across all the time

Rebekah: I am very bad at procrastinating

Odin: or your very good at it

Rebekah: …… Basically I just have a lot of missing work so catching up is a pain in the

Odin: do you have any tips for fellow high schoolers?

Rebekah: Do your work on time?

Odin: what is your dream job?

Rebekah: my what?

Odin: dream job

Rebekah: forensic psychologist

Odin: do you have any siblings?

Rebekah: yes, I have eight

Odin: are you close with them?

Rebekah: half of them!

Odin: what is one word you use to describe high school?

Rebekah: Drama

Odin: use three adjectives to describe yourself

Rebekah: Loud. Oh god

Odin: God?

Rebekah: all I can think of is loud

Odin: alright so loud, loud and loud.

Rebekah: loud, loud, and loud

Odin: loud, louder and loudest

Rebekah: I am very loud; I am very talkative; I am very confrontational

Odin: alright, so what’s your favorite class?

Rebekah: either English three or Algebra two

Odin: so what kind of person do you look up to?

Rebekah: what kind of person? Taller people

Odin: what kind of person do you aspire to be?

Rebekah: and honest one

Odin: why?

Rebekah: I feel bad if I’m not

Odin: now if you could redo something over again in your life what would it be?

Rebekah: if I could do one thing over, I would talk to more people

Odin: thank you for your time today

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