OLF Tour Project our church

(front of church)We are currently standing outside the front Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. This beautiful building is standing right next to our school, Our Lady of Fatima. We will be showing you the inside of our church.

Our church is unique because it is one of the only places where we can go to reflect on our faith and our sins. The church is located next to the school which allows us to easily walk to mass and other events

We like having our church so close since we can go to mass more and have our priests pay visits to the classrooms.

Our daily interactions with this church include going to an afternoon school mass or to the 8 am mass with other grades that share the same experience.

The priests who occupy this location are Fr. Khoi, Fr. Chris, and Fr. Ernesto. They make the places more memorable due to the interesting homilies they tell. The better prepare me for the future by helping us grow in our faith and prepare to be full members of the Church.

(inside the church where the cans are not the actual place but outside)This is the atrium of our church where we usually enter. Here we keep the barrel for food cans that we give to St. Vincent DePaul. To our left is a door that leads to a flight of stairs that we are going to climb.

( in the choir loft) This is where the choir sings and where the organ is. you can also see our unique altar which is said to contain a relic of a dead saint. upstairs

(main part of the Church) Now we are in the main part of the church you can view the pews, confessional booths, and the altar closely. The wall behind the altar contains a scripture reading among the mass of words.

(back two rooms) The two back rooms shown here are the like the control rooms where altar servers and priest get ready for the mass. They get in their robes and clothes and get all the items ready for the mass.

After going through the church we see the many parts, people, and practices that make our church unique and a part of our campus.


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