Outcomes Kyamauri Haywood

Course Outcomes

Access source and information

I was in class starting my unit 4 assignment. I began looking for my sources in our lab class. I needed to do that to get the source information for my unit 4 paper. I will know how to find sources if needed in the future.

Improve their content and style using feedback and revision

In both pictures people are revising and helping edit each other papers. We do that to improve our writing and fix things we missed ourselves. Having someone read your paper helps benefit you, they can help you make corrections.

Critique other's draft and work collaboratively on a writing problem

My group was peer-reviewing our unit 4 paper. We were doing that so we knew if we were doing it correct and had every question answered. This could help in the future to have a study group of friends to get a better outcome on an assignment by the help of peers.

Edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation

I was checking for any errors in my unit 4 papers. I was checking because during peer-review a peer told me to check over it I have some grammatical errors. This helps you make sure your paper is ready to be submitted and every error can get fixed.

Organize Ideas Effectively

I was annotating one of my articles for unit 4 and summarizing it. I was doing that to help me organize my paper. Organizing first makes it easier to do and have a better paper.

Develop Ideas and find reliable resources for their writing

A classmate was finding her sources to do her unit 4 paper. She needed 4 sources to help her do the paper. The paper had to be about the sources related to her research question. Now she will know how to find reliable sources that she need.

State and support assertion

Our class had to write a statement about why we should be in a bunker to save to world over other people it was based on made up characters we had got assigned. This will help us in the future with making argue statements.

Analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem

My group and I was analyzing advertisements. We did that to prepare us for unit 2. This will help us figure out the important factors in advertisements images. We were trying to understand what exactly we had to do for our writing questions.

Choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience

One of my group members working on his paper. He was making sure everything was correct a appropriate for the audience that will read his paper.

General Education Outcomes

Analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively

Our professor was showing us how to set up our unit 2 paper. That was helpful for us to know exactly how to organize our paper. From now on we can learn how to organize our paper before trying to do it.

Produce effective written communication, demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics

I was working on my unit 2 paper and correcting any mistakes I may have made. I did that to prepare for peer-reviews. That will help me in the future to be more organize and prepared.

Analyze and define the purpose of their writing

A classmate studying their writing question and thinking of ideas. This will help them brainstorm better in the future.

work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials

My group members evaluating advertisements for unit 2 paper. In the future this can help by working well with others and produce good materials.

Analyze the writing situation, Identify needed information and locate the appropriate information for their writing

A classmate reading and analyzing a source for unit 4. This is to help generate ideas for the paper. This could help in the future if we have to analyze other things in other classes.

analyze and define the needs of their intended audience

A classmate working on unit 4. Working on the paper to correct it for the intended audience. This will help write papers for a certain audience to read.

Adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required

A classmate working on unit 4, where we had to write multiple of papers. This will help us work effectively anywhere.

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