Innovative Learning Coaching Reflection on impact, March 2017


Student Growth

Objective 1.A- Curriculum and Assessment: Design and implement comprehensive curriculum and programs that are rigorous, relevant, and informed by meaningful assessments.

Objective 1.B- Instructional Practices: Equip staff with the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to provide high-quality, differentiated instruction that will prepare students to be successful for life.

Objective 1.D- Learning & Working Environment: Support learning by creating safe, secure, and relevant learning and working environments.

Model Teaching & Modern Lesson Design
Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity
21st Century Skill Learning Experiences & Co-Teaching Supports

+ Passion Projects & Student Blogs

+ Student Agency & Peer Feedback

+ Connected Partnerships & Coding


Communication & Community Relations

Objective 2.D- Community Relations: Partner with school families and community organizations to support the needs of students and families.

Parent Supports, Google Leadership Symposium Host, Conference Presentations & Local Coaching Roundtable
Hosted 30 Innovative Learning Site Visits
CCSD59 Coaches Collaborate with Prominent Thought Leaders


Recruit, Develop & Retain Distinguished Staff

Objective 3.A- Human Resource Function: Employ best-practice strategies, processes, and technologies to support all staff.

Objective 3.C- Employees: Enhance the effectiveness of employees by providing training and support that aligns with the mission of District 59.

Innovative Professional Learning Design Provides Staff Choice & Empowerment
Coaching Professional Learning Sessions Receive Positive Staff Feedback
21C Professional Learning & Celebrating: #D59Chat - #D59Resources - #D59Learns
"Coaching is a strategy for implementing a professional support system for teachers, a system that includes research or theory, demonstration, practice, and feedback."

-Joyce & Showers: The Literacy Coaching Challenge:

Models and Methods for Grades K-8

"When teachers stop learning, so do students."

-Dr. Jim Knight, Unmistakable Impact:

A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction

"Given that the quality of school leadership is the second most important factor in student districts must create the conditions to systematically support, develop, and retain highly effective leaders. Transformational leadership coaching, as a model for professional development and school improvement, is an effective way to accomplish this objective."

Leithwood, Lewis, Anderson & Wahlstrom:

How leadership influences student learning


Long-Term Financial Stability & Fiscal Integrity:

Objective 4.A- Learning Support: Align financial operations to support the District 59 mission.

6000+ Students & 10,000+ Devices Requires Ongoing Instructional Tool Support

August 2016 - June 2017

3661 Calendar Events

7 Innovative Learning Coaches

523 Events per Coach Average

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