Rainforest Destruction By: Macy Deppe and Patches Oxford

Rainforest destruction can happen from, floods, fires and other natural disasters, along with humans, logging, mining and building/ making resources such as shopping malls, houses and other business. Logging in the rainforest is destructive, roads are built through the rainforest and big trees are drug through causing damage to animals habitat and killing many organisms. Floods happen due to rainfall or the burst of a dam and uprooted the trees and plants.

Many miners have taken out small towns in the rainforest, and are over hunting the animals. The president of the Brazilian Rainforest, Ollanta Humala has gotten word of it and is having the police monitor and protect the villages by stopping the miners.

Logging in the rainforest is destructive, roads are built through the rainforest and big trees are drug through causing damage, people hunt the wild life such as gorillas, deer, and chimpanzees for food. All different types of wood are used from the rainforest for many different things such as flooring and furniture.

Many species are affected by rainforest deconstruction, due to the harm of there habitat and ecosystem. One of the species affected are Iguanas. Iguanas have been disappearing in the rainforest, not only because their habitat is being destroyed, because humans are eating their eggs and meat. The Bornean Orangutan is in danger because of illegal logging. This orangutan is on of the smartest animals, it is able to learn sign language with training. Another species would include beef cattle, due to flooding and wild fires, limiting the food supply.

In the future, we need to limit the amount of logging and mining, and stay mindful of other organisms habitats as our populations increase. In just one year alone 20.4 million hectors of forests were destroyed and if we continue at that pace, in the next 30 years we won't have any rainforests at all in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, Paraguay, Cote D'lvoire, and Nigeria. Many Food and Agriculture Organization's are consistently checking statistics but, the government needs to make more restrictions on what goes on in the rain forests.


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