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'Shoeman Nature' is an ongoing personal photographic project by the Finnish photographer Markku Honkala

So what does 'Shoeman Nature' stand for? At this point of time, for me, the "Shoeman Nature" stands for something along these lines: human nature, alter egos, one of a kinds, personal thought processes, stepping into shoeman's shoes, looking back at the steps of life, looking at oneself, past memories or dreams of life to come, you and me, you or me, some one, one life.

Shoeman Nature variations

I began toying with a similar theme or idea of photographing a pair of shoes in different life situations already in the mid ’90s while active at my JYU university camera club. Now some 20 years later the renamed “shoeman” resurfaced from my subconscious somewhere. A particular image photographed in November 2016 In Memoriam my late cousin somehow kicked off the whole process actually.

Then simultaneously in November I started working on a photo journal for the Art of Photography photo assignments challenge, for a set of 10 image variations of the same theme. My theme: Shoeman Nature - naturally. It all started to click together, and now quite incredibly there's a solo exhibition in the pipeline. I'm humbled, excited, grateful and feeling empowered!

I was selected to exhibit Shoeman Nature images at the Northern Photography Centre in Oulu, Finland‚ in February 2017. It's going to be my first ever solo exhibition!

Sketchbook notes, Photo #6

"composition to my personal liking"

"dark, rich, punchy"

"shoes not clearly visible, work OK in a series, though?"

"leading line"

"where are you coming from? where are you going?"

"storytelling potential" ... ... "street lights, car lights"

"Walker, TXT"

Shoeman Nature variations

Below a sneak peak into my analogue sketchbook for developing ideas and creative process for the Shoeman Nature variations, for the Art of Photography channel's Photo Assignment #1 'Variations' challenge.

Task given at the assignment was to start keeping a real analogue photo journal: photograph 10 variations of a theme, print those photos, attach them into the journal and keep & write down (mental) notes. Make mistakes, try not to hold back. It's really fun and a great self-learning experience. I think I have about 50 more variations already buzzing in mind. Which is nice!

Project sketchbook opening

Also my sketchbook video I made for my Instagram feed is a real page-turner !! :)

Thank you for now

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