Through Their Eyes To Kill a mocking bird//Autumn kitabjian

1. A Trip to Calpurnia's Church

Perspective: Scout

Apparently Atticus didn’t trust us to go to our usual church alone, so we had to go to Calpurnia’s church for the day. The night before she seemed pretty stressed, considering she spent a while scrubbing me down to the bone and made sure Jem and I looked as pristine as possible, which was weird for us. Atticus was always pretty laid back about that sort of stuff. That morning I thought about how it was the only church in Maycomb with a steeple and bell and crumbling gravestones, distinguishing it from the white-people churches. As soon as we walked in there was this mean lady who was askin’ all these questions related to us being “white children”. I never really thought my skin color would be an issue until that moment. That lady, Lula, wouldn’t stop nagging Cal, but eventually another man stood up and said he was happy to have us. I was scared to say the least because of how different Jem and I were. We didn’t mean any harm, yet everyone seemed to be eyeing us down as if we did something wrong. During the service I became intrigued at times, but every time i’d ask a question Cal would immediately shush us. I knew she wanted to make a good impression.

2. Mayella Under Pressure

Perspective: Mayella

It started off easy. I knew what what was to come and my body was filled with anxiety, causing my answers to be succinct and trembling. I could barely take any question that would dissect my life more than asking my age without breaking into tears in front of everyone, which only added to the dreadful situation. They made that man Atticus ask me a whole lot of questions, and I knew I couldn’t tell him the truth. Weather I invited him in or not, there is no excuse for rape, even though everyone thinks i’m a straight liar. I thought I could accuse anyone during the trial because i’m a white lady and Tom is black, which already gives me the advantage. He kept calling me things like “miss” and “ma’am”, which I hate. I might have not had the best education or childhood, but I can tell when people know i’m lying. I also knew I couldn’t tell them about dad abusing me. I couldn’t do that to him.

3. atticus Shoots Mad Dog

Perspective: Jem

Atticus has always been gentle, loving, and humble. At the time he was just my plain old dad, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, except for that he can’t even play football like all the other dads. One day there was a “mad dog” on the loose, as Cal said, and after me and Scout found it the whole town started going crazy. No one expected Atticus to do what he did next, especially me. After some hesitation, he just picked up the gun and shot the dog right on the spot. I couldn’t believe my own dad would do something as awesome as that! I instantly wondered how he hadn’t ever shot anything before, though my face remained solid and in awe. I understood why he hadn’t told anyone about his skill, and though Scout wanted to brag about it at school, I told her not to. It’s not like I didn’t want to too, but I just thought it would be wrong. At the end of the day, I don’t really care if Atticus can’t do anything special, because he’ll always be my dad.

4. Sneaking Around the radley house

Perspective: Scout

After Jem taunting me for what seemed like forever about being too much of a “girl” to sneak into the Radley’s house, I had no other choice but to join them on their ominous adventure. I didn’t know what was to come, but whatever it was, I was terrified of it. I crawled under the fence while moving as slow as possible while still trying to keep up with Dill and Jem. We wandered around for a bit until they decided on looking through the back window. We crawled on our hands and knees with the torn house only feet away from us. Everything was going somewhat smoothly until Jem went up the obnoxiously loud wooden steps and was peering into the window. My heart stopped. A lurking shadow appeared on the wall where Jem was innocently peering through. I could barely look, and it was only moments until Dil saw it as well. We remained silent and speechless. Once the shadow made a slow exit, we all sprinted away while stumbling and screaming. If I wasn’t already scared of the Radleys before, I definitely was then.


Throughout the process of attempting to put myself into multiple different characters' minds, I think i've been able to relate their situations to my own life. I discovered a more in-depth version of the characters relationships with each other and what might be going on in their minds during the story even if it wasn't blatantly written by the author. While reading, all of these characters had seemed so strange in a way and different from anyone i'd ever encountered, especially because of the time period this story takes place in. However, when i'm put in a situation where I have to think of what would have made these characters do what they do and act the way they act, it all makes a little bit more sense. I think Mr. Crooke created this project for the purpose of us showing that we can truly understand these characters and also so we can enhance and add to our reading experience by seeing the book through a whole different perspective.

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