Emma Welch B.A. in Religion, Samford University

Originally from Toney, Alabama, Emma graduated from Samford University in 2020 with a B.A. in Religion. She currently pursues an M.A. in Religion in Culture from the University of Alabama. Her interests include religion’s relationship to violence as well as how the theologies of marginalized groups are shaped by their situation. She was a runner-up for Theta Alpha Kappa’s 2020 Clark Award (for best undergraduate essay) and, after the completion of an M.A., she hopes to pursue a Ph.D in the field of religion.


“Catholicism’s Role in the Lives of African Americans: From Civil Rights to Today” in the Theta Kappa Alpha Journal (upcoming 2021)

“Native American Wisdom”

"Beloved Community Church: A Congregation's Hope for Liberation" on Magic City Religion

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