Strong and Beautiful Alyssa turner jennifer moreno

Mexican American Women
African American Women
Hard working women in the kitchen

Mexican and African American women faced discrimination like other minority groups after the war. (S)

African and Mexican American women broke through gender and cultural barriers to serve their country.(S)

Police accompanied Saliors and Marines after attacks and proceeded to arrest the beaten victims.(S)

They both were segregated into different units during the war(S)

Latinas were highly sought after because of being Bilingual(D)

Lots of black women lost jobs due to white women wanting jobs for the 1st time(D)

Mexican American Women were treated horrible and unlady like. In response to their treatment they participated in Zoot Suit Riots and made the best out of any job they were given. During WW2 they worked in the Navy and as nurses, but their most valued work was being able to translate the information into Spanish. I believe the way the Mexican American women fought back was amazing and how they showed resistance (Zoot Suit) was inspriational for the young women today.

The African American women were treated unjust and terrible. The way they responded to the treatment is overcome the struggles and find work where they could. During WW2 African American Women worked as Nurses, engineers and in the Navy. I believe women during this time were amazing and have helped shaped the minds of many ladies today.

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