Community on the Dorm By: Grayson Caudill

College is a time when you build community with your friends

The Hall life is vital to a students growth as it allows them to build community.

Community from the hall aspect allows you to enjoy the friendships that you have.
Community also allows you to be real with each other when times are tough.


Created with images by Kai Hendry - "My dorm room in Furnald Hall" • Slongood - "yrbk2" • be creator - "Group of teens at the beach" • Major Nelson - "Xbox Community Party" • LCUedu - "Dorm Life" • myguitarzz - "IMG_0054" • myguitarzz - "IMG_0096" • myguitarzz - "IMG_0036" • SupportPDX - "Japanese Exchange College Students" • Unsplash - "castle lawn great britain" • vasile23 - "Fellowship" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise"

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