Cerberus Safe Security By: The hound of the UNDERWORLD cerberus

Co-Founder and Co- Vice Presidents- Typhon and Echidna, My parents! Sales Manager- Hades my owner!
We have the safest locks not just for for houses, but for lockers at school. Say goodbye to people breaking into your locker with Cerberus safe security locks.
We also have a very unique way to unlock your door. Not only can you use your key, but you can type in your password in which is quicker.
Not only do we sell locks, but we also sell keypads that you can put in you company, store, church, houses and many more places. This is a safe way that if someone breaks into your house and doesn't put in the code, you will be alerted.
We also sell security cameras that you can set up in your houses, churches, stores, and many more places. You can also set it up that you will get alerted when movement is detected.
After getting defeated by Hercules in his 12th labor I didn't want anyone to experience that feeling of being defeated or broken into. That's why I created Cerberus safe security.
I'm the top guard for the underworld and you can have the top guard for your house and business today with Cerberus Safe Security!


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