Life of a Pirate Destiny valentine

Pirate Punishments

  • Marooning- The victim would be left on an island that has little chance of them surviving or being rescued. They would only be left with a pistol to kill themselves instead of dying of starvation or from wild animals.
  • Cat O'Nine Tails- This punishment rarely led to death. It's a whip that has 9 strands the ends have anything from knots to musket balls. After, the skin was often covered in salt and vinegar to cause more pain.
  • Sold as Slaves- The victim is sold as a slave and the money split between the crew
  • Sweating- the victim would be poked a prodded with cutlasses and other sharp objects. He/she would try to dodge all the blows.


Each ship had a crew of pirates. Many pirates has specific names and jobs to do on the ships. Here are a couple of "names" the pirates had and what they did. First is the Captain, the Captain is the head man. The Captain is often thought by us as feared, but really the Captain was chosen based upon skill and respect. He only has complete control when in battle. Next, is the First Mate (not often was there one) , the First Mate was like the Co-Captain. He only took charge when the Captain was not able to. If there was not a First Mate, then the Captain's right hand man was the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster was in charge and had authority to punish others. More of these titles are Gunner(controls artillery), Sailing Master (navigation and piloting), Boatswain (supervised all activity), Surgeons and Cooks.

Above is an accurate representation of a pirate ship. Notice the Jolly Roger ( Black flag with skull) at the top.

Life Exploring the Deep Blue

Life as a pirate isn't all that most make it out to be. They wake up and get straight to drinking rum. They have hard jobs and must follow orders to avoid the cruel and harsh punishments. Pirates didn't have much freedom and were forced to often battle. Their rough life made it hard for them to turn out anything but bad. The first job on a ship is the Powder Monkey. Boys working this position are anywhere from 12-13 years old. Could you imagine having to work at that young of an age to do very dangerous work? Starting at such a young age is most likely why they turn out "bad".

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