The Divine Play bY anael mamane

1) The Spatial Experience:The theater was very large with a small amount of people- since we had arrived there early. I was very excited since I had heard phenomenal reviews about the play. When the play had started, the lights went down, emphasizing the colorful background- with the props looking like glass scriptures, it was assumed the setting was in a church. Placement in the good life is very crucial because it allows you to see different perspectives.

The Divine

The Social: I had a pleasant time attending the theater with my good friend, Scarlett. Scarlett and I live together and went to the play together. We both looked up information about the play prior to going to have a better gist of the play. Going with someone allows you to enjoy the experience together, and to reflect properly on the events. It is always better to experience something with someone you care about- that's one part of the good life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play does a phenomenal job of heightening the cultural and intellectual experience one may have when watching the play. It emphasizes the power of art in our lives. During this time period, it is assumed that there were major conflicts between the arts and the church. There were several conflicts occurring during the play, mostly that of censorship. It changed my views of hardships everywhere- poverty, in the arts, the workplace, the church, etc.

The Emotional Experience: In the play, Sarah Bernhardt is a politically incorrect actress who is the "black sheep" in this culture- extremely vulgar and loud. She addresses problems with the church and other issues during this time period that she sees on her own. The play is a perfect example of Katharsis since it is one who questions the norm and the comfortable. Her being herself is what makes her happy- and that's another portion of the Good life.

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