Math Portfolio Max Hitchcock

For my math project, I have focused on self driving car AI. AI which stands for Artificial Intelligence that could let robots make their own decisions in life. Here are some examples of AI robots in media.

Top left: Bender Bending Rodriguez is a robot from the cancelled show Futurama, he defies his programming a lot over the shows timeline, from drinking metric tons of beer to lounging on the couch. Top right: WALL-E is the main character from the disney movie by the same name. He was originally built to clean and get rid of earth's garbage to make in habitable again. Instead while doing the job, he collected some on the things he finds such as a "Rubix cube". Bottom left: The terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a robot tasked in killing Sarah Conner to help the robot uprise in the future. He then breaks his programing and decides to protect her from the other robots. Bottom right: Bastion is a robot that was built by the Omnics to kill humanity but is deactivated. Later once he reboots, he finds a bird and it helps him realize he wants to protect nature instead of destroy it.

The Fibonacci sequence works like this.

The arithmetic sequence is a pattern of consecutive numbers.

The geometric sequence is a number sequence which all follows a common ratio.

Pascals triangle is a triangle made of numbers that people have been studying for a long time, it has many patterns. For example starting on the third row, the two numbers directly above it add together to make that number.

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