Virus Race A game so great it makes you sick


Race with friend to see who can take over the "body" fastest. Use your specialized body part to help you take over cells and race to the top.

How To Play

Number of Players: 2-4

Game Components

  • Game Board
  • Virus Chips
  • Body Part Tiles (12 eyes, 6 mouths, 4 hearts, 3 DNA
  • Starting Tiles

Game Setup

  1. Place board
  2. Take your body part tiles and shuffle them
  3. Place them face up on the corresponding number tiles in order
  4. (Ex. the 1st tile picked goes on tile 1)
  5. Place starting tiles in the starting position with their corresponding colors. (the eye starting tile, which is blue, is placed in the starting space colored blue)
  6. Choose your beginning space by rolling a die, the largest number chooses their starting place and then the other players choose in clockwise order. The space you choose determines which body part (eyes, mouth, heart or DNA) you will “attack”

Starting the Game

  • At the start of each turn, each player has 2 Energy to conduct actions.
  • Except the last person gets 3 extra energy on their FIRST turn
  • Moving vertically up 1 tile costs 2 energy
  • Moving horizontally across 1 tile costs 1 energy
  • Each tile you take over gives you one point
  • If you take over the whole row, you get double the points (ex, if you collected a whole row of 3, you would get 6 points)

Special Events

  • Each virus can only attack a specific body part, if you get one of these body parts, you get extra energy for that turn. Some are more common than others: Eyes give you 1 energy, mouths gives you 2 energy, hearts give you 3 energy, DNA gives you 4 energy.
  • If another player lands on a body part that isnt theres, they cannot take it, and if another player lands on that same tile and it IS there body part, they may take it
  • The person who reaches the top first gets an extra 3 points

Game End

  • The game ends when all players except one reach the top
  • The person who reaches the top last automatically loses
  • The person with the most points at the end wins

Heres a video to help explain more in depth


Created with images by johnvoo_photographer - "bacteria/viruses"

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