Smallpox By Emily Mendelson

Smallpox is an infectious disease that was one of the most feared plagues for centuries and changed the lives for many people and families.
Some symptoms of smallpox are high fevers, headaches, back pains and an eruption on the skin. During the illness, blisters will show up all over your limbs and the face.
Before there was a vaccination for smallpox, it killed around 30% of it's victims which impacted and lowered the population.
People that developed smallpox and survived were immune to a second infection.
Many people that survived also experienced blindness.
Smallpox was one of the first diseases controlled by a vaccine.
Smallpox spreads through touch. Symptoms include a fever which can spread by the mouth and breathing.
Smallpox impacted diseases and sickness because it was extremely dangerous before vaccines.
In the 20th century, 300 million people died from smallpox.
Now, smallpox can be cured but it can still be fatal if you aren't vaccinated.
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