Not Just 'Another Humourless Bitch': Feminist Fans' Reception of Mad Men by monique bourdage

Background of Mad Men

Why I chose this study

The Purpose

The Study

  • 5 women
  • Identified as feminists and fans of Mad Men
  • Inter-generational
  • Divided into two cohorts
  • In-depth interviews

The Housewife, The Career Woman, The Single Girl

Peggy, Career Woman

  • Nicole-Peggy & Joyce
  • Ashley- Peggy & Joan
  • Ainsley- Peggy
  • Ruth- Peggy
  • Barbara- Sally

Betty, "The Feminine Mystique"


  • Not sure why they used Mad Men
  • Most couldn't identify with one character
  • Small sample size
  • They mention race, but don't discuss it

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