The origin of Neo

Pow! Pow! blow after blow as Neo battles his archrival Sincade in Paradise City.

Buildings collapsed in on each other as they fight, people scream in panic until the police to help get out the crossfire.

While the cops where dealing with the civilians, Neo got punched in the face by Sincade. As he is about to deliver the final blow to Neo, the cops arrive and they shoot Sincade causing him yo run off.

As he runs off, he thinks to himself " I'll have my revenge and when I do nobody will see me coming." As Neo makes it back to his feet the cops suddenly point their guns at Neo and tell him to put his hands up in the air.

As they kepted aiming their guns at Neo, with his hands still in the air he took a couple of steps back but as soon as he did that the cops took a couple of steps forwards.

Neo said "listening I tried to help him, i'm trying to be just be a hero." but one of the officers came into Neo's view and asked him

"Yeah if you are really a hero, then how come there's all this destruction. I mean come on man look at this, your no hero, your a monster."

Neo took a look around to find to hundreds of dead bodies, scattered everywhere. their faces filled with a panicked look as they layed there, dead on the ground.

Then Neo bowed his head in silence, but the silence was short lived becaused the officers where ordered to arrest Neo, but Neo used one of his abilities that allows his to create a smokescreen to escape the police officers. Neo ran as fast as he could to a place that he knew he could go.

A place that belongs to a friend named Elise. It takes him ten minutes to get there because of traffic.

When Neo arrive at Elise's place, he then uses he ability to phase through objects to get inside her house and makes his way up to her bedroom. As he makes his way up the stairs he could he classical music, Elise loves classical music, by the time Neo makes it to the bedroom door he collaspes.

Elise turns around and screams but after a couple of seconds she runs down stairs to find some badages in the closet. Then she runs up stairs to find the stranger still unconscious.

As she patches up the stranger, he slowly starts to wake up and asks her

"While you where patching me up did you take a look under my mask"

she Responds by saying no and she didn't take the mask off because i'm your biggest fan. After this shocking revelation he decides to tell her his origin

He explains that he got his powers through the use of the device that was made to target meta humans and he said that he went on field trip to the s.s.p, it stands for super powered submission process which basically turns people with powers into agents for the governments use, one of the scientists was working on a neon gun which can temporarily give meta human abilities.

A year went by and I had all these abilities that I had so I decided to battle crime. Then weeks later I found another like me except he was evil so we battle and that's how I got here.

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