J,Lawson One point Perspective

I think that my first city scape was a success because all of the Orthogonal lines art met at the vanishing point and all of the vertical lines are pretty much straight
My second city scape features elements of art such as lines and elements of design by using scale to make the boat look like it weighs more but use proportion to make the ship seem like its in the background

I think that my second city scape was also successful because the lines meet at the vanishing point and it uses the elements of design and principles of art

this is all I have done of my final cityscape at the moment

I. 1. I did not know anything about it before this but I did know of some of the artists

2.the use of vanishing points and to make things look like they are in the distance or make things line up

3.Using a bunch of colors in small amounts the make them blend and seem more realistic and by using the pastels

4.their painting would look more realistic

Starry Night Van Gogh June 1889


6. He wanted to show his emotion in this painting , I see the swirls in the sky as the swirls in his life and moods because he suffered from depression i feel that like his life that everything would get turned around and eventually fix itself.

7. he uses line and proportion in this painting to make like you are looking down on a village from somewhere like the mountains or a hill

8. I like the use of colors in this painting and I don't really think that there is nothing wrong with this painting, I think that he did a good job because at his time he was seen as a failure but today this is what i would say is one of the most famous paintings around, i think you should see all the paintings that you can because it might sway the way you feel about life and art,i think that they would like it because if they knew who Van Gogh was then it be influential so i think that they would say that it is good, I would grade this art at a 100 because the use of design and elements of art and that he shows emotion in his work, preserve it the best that i could, no matter how you suffer in life everything you do in life is worth something to someone.

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