The Vanishing Bee Mystery Colony Collapse Disorder

About ten years ago, beekeepers began noticing something strange- hives were being abandoned and their bees disappeared without a trace.

During the winter of 2006-2007. beekeepers suffered an average loss of 38% of their colonies ..between 651,000 and 875,000 of the nation’s estimated 2.4 million colonies were lost.

While many of us stay away from bees to avoid their painful sting, bees are friends!

Bees are well-known as producers of honey, but their most important contribution to our food supply is in the role of pollinators.

Bees pollinate flowers, which means they transfer the pollen made by one flower of one plant to the flower of another plant.

Wind, rain, spiders, and other animals can pollinate plants, but nothing does the job as efficiently as the honeybee.

Some crops, such as almonds, blueberries, apples, and citrus depend on honeybees for pollination.

To avoid an agricultural calamity, a dream team of scientists worked with beekeepers around the world to solve the mystery of the disappearing bees.

After conducting their research, scientist found that many factors were contributing to what became known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Together, a virus, mites, pesticides, overworking, and a poor diet were causing colonies to perish.

Despite scientists and beekeepers' best efforts, the bees remain in danger ten years later...

however, we can help.


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