Jacopa Palma, Renaissance Artist by Savannah Willette


Jacopo Palma was born in 1480, but his actually birthday is unknown. He was born in Serine, Bergamo, Republic of Venice. He continued to spend the rest of his life, pursuing his art career in the Venice region. In Italy, Palma studied under Giovanni Bellini and attended the Venetian School His life style was generic since he was a craftsmen.

Artistic Life:

Jacopa Palma only produced paintings. Some of his works include Sacra Conversazione, St. Barbra, and Three Sisters. He was not part of a patronage. His art linked to the Renaissance ideals of idealism and Classicism. The majority of his paintings involved idealism because they humans were painted as perfect. Women had smooth skin, and the overall picture had no texture. Everything was in a sense "perfect". His paintings also showed Classicism because most of them displayed mythology, bringing back ideas from Ancient times.

Renaissance Work

The Three Sister's by Jacopa Palma was created in 1520. It is currently located at the Picture gallery Alte Meister - Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (An art gallery located in Dredsen, Germany). On this painting, he uses techniques inspired from previous artists but transforms them into his version. Such as applying a loose technique with a soft glaze. Throughout his career, Palma tended to paint with a soft focus effect. He also developed ideas of the ideal women, painting them in a very feminine, blond way.

The first thing I noticed about this painting was the 3 girls. They appear to be painted very perfect, as their skin is perfectly smooth. They also are all very feminine and blond. This was interesting to me because it reflects what the ideal women would look like in the Renaissance. If you take that and compare it to what standards are today it's interesting to think about how standards for women have changed over time. Looking at the background and the color choices, this painting is very dreary and dark. The colors are quite dull compared to some other pieces of art during the Renaissance. This painting reflects ideas of idealism. The girls mostly support this, as they are given a "perfect" image of blonde, feminine and pretty.

some others works by Jacopa Palma:

Venus in a landscape
Madonna and child

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