Connor Levine Multi Media Sports

This was my first video in this class. I made a lot of mistakes on the way and multiple times I had to edit the video, re send it, and then edit it again. Finally, it made it to the board and my friends said they liked it. I used Final Cut Pro to make this video, I had to learn all the fun tricks to make it the best video it could be. I used the footage from the 2018 season, and the semi finals and state final game. I chose to use those clips and games because these two games had the best highlights because they were the two most important games in the year. Throughout all the bumps along the way, it was a fun first project and helped me with projects that I made after this. It also helped me get ideas to created multiple fun ideas for highlight videos and projects for the future.

This project are called Senior profiles. They were for senior night, so when their name was called their profile would play on the board. I did these two, both of them fell off screen so I had to make adjustments so the either the name was blocking them or the ball didn't interfere with the words on the screen. This was a teaching moment because I had to work with what I got, and I did. I did the best I possibly could with the footage I had. I was really proud because we couldn't go reshoot them and I worked with what I got. After the first one that I did the other ones came really easy to me.

This was a top plays project against Clayton High School. It was one of those games where we blew them out of the water. I was extremely proud of how this project came out. I used a variety of transitions and effects to bring out more of the plays. I also was able to use a glitch in a clip to my advantage. On the second play, the clip would glitch and repeat the same play. I used the earthquake transition to hide it and make it seem like the player was shaking the ground. I was proud because I was able to use this to make my project better. I really enjoyed using the effects and transitions to bring out more of the highlights. One of the hardest parts, not really hard, it was taking a long time to find the clips because I had to go through multiple games.

The last video/ highlight reel that I made was the Top 10 Plays of The Regular Season. What I did was I went through all the footage of the games and choose the 10 best plays. It took awhile because I had to choose many many different plays and make some really hard decision. When I got the plays, I had to trim them down by cutting to only when the ball was snapped so the video wouldn't be extremely long. I was really proud of myself because I cut my video in half by time. I loved this video because I was an overview of the season and it allowed me to use all of my tricks that I learned in the year.