The boy who cried wolf

There once was a young boy who lived in a village and was in control of watching the sheep.

To amuse himself he sang out," Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" Villagers came to help chase out the wolves, but there was none.

Full of anger, the villagers, unamused, told him," don't cry wolf, Shepard boy, when there's no wolf!"

The next day, he decided to pull the same trick again. Not listening to what he was already told, the boy cried out," Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" Again the villagers showed up and had to tell him to save his cries for when there is an actual wolf.

Eventually a real wolf came, and when he cried out for help, he was ignored. People wondered why he hadn't come home with the sheep at one point and went to go look for him. They found him crying, weeping saying," a wolf came, scared off the flock, I cried wolf, and no one came."

One old man tried to comfort him by telling him they'd look for the sheep in the morning. The old man gave some wise words," nobody believes a liar...even when he's telling the truth!"

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