Go Kart Project Jack Smith PD.7

Problem Statement: By the middle of the 4th marking period, our group has to build a GoKart with working steering, braking, motor drive, throttle, and electronics. The GoKart needs to function using provided power drill and a sheet of plywood. We are also provided a group budget of $25. All other materials have to be scavenged for on our own. Some materials we are thinking about using are plywood, wheels from a bike, screws and bolts to hold together parts of the plywood and operate the steering, and string to help the throttle operate the button on the power drill.



This is an idea of how we will make our go-kart faster. We will connect a small gear to a larger gear using a bike chain. This will make the wheel turn faster making the go kart go faster and farther.


We like the turning mechanism as shown in the photo. We will have to turn the wheels with our feet and then we can have our hands free to control the breaks and the throttle.


This is a very light overview of our Go Kart plans. We will plan to have bigger wheels in the back

This is a better/more accurate representation of how we want our Go Kart end up. We added the breaks on to the back and it will be a Wood piece that we will have against the ground. Our back wheels will be expanded out of the sides and will have a small gear with a big gear so the wheels will turn.

Detailed Sketch

This is our detailed sketch. T'anna did the body, I did the Throttle, Manuel did the break, Jack did the steering, and Radcliffe did the electronics


This is our mortise joint. We made the length of the opening correspond with the length and vise versa for the width. We will plug in the backrest that has the tenon joint on it (see the next picture)
This is the tenon for the mortise and tenon joint. It fit in perfectly except for a little area on the right. This worked very well for the tight fit and it gave support to the rider
This is the final product for the base of our project. We chose a pointed top because it would help with aerodynamics and when we attach the wheels, it provides a center point for the equal distance between both wheels. We also sanded all of our parts so it has a nice smooth touch and is free of any gashes from the ShopBot.


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