You Say It's Expensive To Eat Healthy?

Most people I talk to say eating healthy is to expensive. I agree the rise in food cost over the last decade is sometimes hard to know where to start. When I started cleaning up my diet, I was far from a millionaire.. and well I still am lol. In fact, there were some months I was barely scraping by. I knew that by putting processed and low nutritional value foods in my body wasn't going to help me tackle the day or have the energy. I'm here to tell you, it's easier than you think!! Here is a quick guide.

1. Always pick your meat first ( that is if you eat meat) with factory farming and inhumane raising of animals, it's important to know where your meat came from and how it's going to react in your body. This is another topic later, I will be discussing.

2. If you are seriously on a tight budget for a particular week, pick recipes that it's ok not to eat organic. Refer to the dirty dozen list for all the vegetables you can eat, non organic. This will save you tons and your still feeding your body and soul.

3. Don't get to extensive with ingredients. Herbs are the best thing to make food flavorful. I know nothing about what herbs go with what dishes. I literally just experiment and go from there. I have came to love thyme and rosemary. If you have access to a Trader Joe's, they carry cheaper herbs and you can stock up!

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