Mrs.(insert first name here) Alexander's Spark Page p.s. please excuse my mistakes my grandson is still teaching me how to use the computer

"A Penny for your thoughts?"

I've heard people say this on American TV shows and I just have really come to like it. A penny is one of the coins they use for currency.

Song now playing: A Walk Between the Raindrops by Robin Spielberg

I live in Swindon, England with my dog. I am retired although I watch my grandchildren a few days during the week while my daughter works. My oldest grandson is 15 and he likes computers, he is currently teaching me how to use my new computer. He also helped me set up this page. You never ask a lady her age, although I will tell you I am older then 55.

March 29.

That little boy that lives in the house across from mine asked me about Mrs. Shears' late dog again, a nice lady who lives on the same street as me. He is a very strange boy, there isn't any dout that he has some sort of mental illness. I know that he goes to a special school for children with those sorts of issues. Just the way he talks too and some of the questions he asks are very........ they are not something you would expect from someone his age. He seems to have a mild obsession with that dog. He had told me that his next-door neighbors dog had been found dead on its owners front lawn and that it had been murdered. This of course I already knew about, the poor dog it was such a shame. And of course I didn't know any of this before hand because I was being nosey or anything, it's just that word gets around. And when the police show up at my street in the middle of the night I have every right to be concerned.


- Baking


-watching my soap operas

-Spending time with my grandchildren

-Going on walks with my dog


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