Refugee debate Lucy stevens 7e

English reflection

I personally think I did pretty well in this assessment. It is a topic that I am very passionate about and would love to learn more about this topic. I feel it is a topic that is very important topic and needs to be addressed. I feel because of how much I actually care about the topic means that I can actually relate to what I am typing instead of just writing down words. They actually have meaning.

I think that I wrote my persuasive text quite well because it is quite relatable. I think it really targets everyone because in the text I wrote a lot on how horrible their lives have been and it really makes you feel very emotional because we are all victims of wanting something and not needing it while the refugees want what they need. I also think that the fact that I drew the visual text makes mine unique because most other people drew theirs.

If I did the task again I would probably use a different type of text for the written text. I would probably use a front page of a newspaper article instead of a blog entry. I would have structured it a bit differently as well. I would have taken a different approach towards this topic as well. Here it is very emotional. I would have done it more factual then emotional if I did it again.

I would have liked to have some more ICT classes so that I would have been able to use Photoshop instead of having to draw it. Also I would have liked to have been taught how to use thing link and adobe spark properly because I had trouble with these thing and it made difficult to compete it on time.

From this assessment I have learned many persuasive techniques in a formal speech. On top of this I have learned a lot about the refugee debate and I think it will definitely help me in the years to come. The persuasive elements used in the text is used in a very formal way and it helps me with my debating skills.

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