Portrait Project

Against The WALL/ This image shows how the two people are against the wall. It shows how the Background isn't to distracting.
TAKE IMAGE OUTSIDE/ This image expresses the light and shadow created by outside weather.
WITH FLASH/ This image captures the definition of the photo.
WITHOUT FLASH/ in this photo, it doesn't give it great quality like the image WITH THE FLASH.
AWAY FROM WALL/ in this image, the subjects are away from the wall. It enhance's the background.
SUBJECTS ENVIRONMENT/ This photo catches a glimpse of the real world.
NATURAL LIGHT/ This photo focuses on brightness compared to darkness.
For My choice, i used Tip 2 (help your subject relax)
For My choice, i used Tip 1 (Location)
For my Choice of photo, I used Tip 6 (pay attention to background)
Created By
Kalyn Flowers

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