Draft for a Quantum Mythology bizarre

“Particle physics is the most challenging subject we’ve ever worked with because it’s so difficult to create a tangible idea about it, and that’s kind of what we are all about,”
“Dualities sometimes make it hard to maintain a sense of what’s real in the world, given that there are radically different ways you can describe a single system. How would you describe what’s real or fundamental?
Well, one thing I’ll tell you is that in general, when you have dualities, things that are easy to see in one description can be hard to see in the other description. So you and I, for example, are fairly simple to describe in the usual approach to physics as developed by Newton and his successors. But if there’s a radically different dual description of the real world, maybe some things physicists worry about would be clearer, but the dual description might be one in which everyday life would be hard to describe.” SEE HERE
“Pioneered by Disney-owned Marvel Studios, cinematic universes feature overarching narratives that connect two or three movies per year, allowing story lines and characters to weave in and out of them all. Plot points that begin in an Iron Man movie can continue in Thor and Captain America and be resolved in The Avengers. Ant-Man follows up his first solo film with an appearance in Captain America’s third, where he also gets his first glimpse of Spider-Man. And fans flock to see them all.” (Fritz, Ben. The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies . Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.)
My mythologies live in my atelier
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shlomo korzac


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