How WiFi and Internet Has Changed Our World BY: kAYLEE HEFLEY

Once our world has had a taste of the internet, there has been no slowing down and only advancements. As more people came online, the demand for easier access and an improved service increased.

WIFI made it more accessible in homes, workplaces, and the public on items such as laptops and mobile devices. They would either connect to the nearest WiFi spot or even a ‘hotspot’.

It has helped the law greatly improve since now police can now use their mobile devices to instantly track mugshots and criminal records and view sensor networks capable of picking up the location of perpetrators.
Social media and surveillance is also playing a big role in crime reduction and the improvement of emergency services. The police are using media to engage and inform the public on various issues, and also request information. Without internet the cops would not be able to do these productive investigations.
There is already of applications that use and rely on WiFi in the healthcare industry, including infusion pumps, oxygen monitoring devices, and smart beds.
alongside mission-critical information applications such as access to electronic medical records and real-time access to X-rays and MRI scans.
It will also help students since you can access the WiFi at home or other places that allow it which helps kids finish homework and project outside of school hours.
There are so many great advancements that WiFi has brought to our world.

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