Being E-safety By AW and DBK

If you want to stay safe online read on and learn more about being safe online at all times.

Always be safe

Stay safe online by keeping personal information to yourself and don't tell anyone your password.

Don't meet up with someone you don't know

If someone asks you to meet up say NO! tell a adult.

Don't accept links that an unknown person has sent.

Check the media or website to see if it is reliable.

Tell someone if you find an inappropriate image that makes you uncomfortable.


If something serious happens,the police could get called to the case and someone could end up in jail.

Age rated apps

Make sure if you want age+13 apps ask an adult and if you purchase it put it on private and let an adult access the app at all times.

Always think before you SEND because you don't know how the other person could react.

Someone hacking information

4500 kids and teenagers a year,commit suicide due to cyber bullying.

A lot of people say that they have been texted by an unknown person.


Don't let the bully take over you,tell an adult about everything.

Someone pretending to be younger

Lots of people you find on social media are pretending to be younger than they actually are.

Stay safe you lot

Stay safe and remember SMART!

Let's stop cyber bullying

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