Lol...Omg! Chapter 3: Digital is different.

The Book.

Chapter 3 of "Lol...Omg!" Is really the pivotal point of realizing what the book is all about. It discusses the fast paced world the Internet has created, the lack of control people have over what gets posted and when, as well as the spread of misinformation. I thought the chapter was great because it truly emphasizes the main themes of the book. (Internet dangers, the law's inability to control the Internet etc.) I enjoyed it because the author really expresses the difference between online and offline, it is a long chapter but overall a good summarization of the main themes of the book, which the later chapters focus on individually. As far as an introduction, Chapter 3 does it's job thoroughly, A quote I'd like to end with: "Immediacy is a two-way street. Just as digital content can be uploaded in a matter of seconds, it can be downloaded just as quickly."

My personal score of the book: 8/10.

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