Cake Unit Project: Sponge By: SHaan pal


A sponge cake is a soft, light cake, especially one made from a batter containing eggs which have been beaten into a foamy consistency.


In the sponge cake there is no added fat, which gives the cake the name "waist-friendly". Which tends to cause the cake to become more drier, and can become more stale than the rest. Also, the fat will improve the texture, tenderness, and keep the cakes quality.


The eggs in the sponge cake include both the yolk and whites, but they are usually separated depending on the type of sponge cake. The eggs will play a major role in making the sponge cake. The eggs will improve the color, and texture of the cake.

Leavening Agent:

The leavening agent in the sponge cake cause air to be beaten into the egg whites. The leavening agents function is to let the cake rise. Also, when the air is beaten in there is steam that occurs as well. The sponge cake is a chemical leavening agent, and that is usually baking soda or baking powder depending on the sponge cake being made.


Chocolate Sponge Cake: The cocoa powder is the main chocolate ingredient inserted into recipe.
The Jelly Roll Cake is indeed a type of sponge cake, and falls into category because it needs special cake flour, and has baking soda as the leavening agent.
Orange Sponge Cake: The high intake of orange zest really makes the cake special, and unique in its own way.

Conventional Method:

In electric mixer cream together the fat and sugar.
In electric mixer as well beat in eggs.
In separate bowl, combine the flour, salt, and leavening agent, which is the baking soda.
Stir until ingredients are well blended.

This recipe fits my category, it is a sponge cake and it has all the unique features that have a sponge cake such as no added fat, and how the leavening agent is either baking soda or baking powder. "Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake." Dr. Oetker. N.p., 01 Jan. 2001. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.


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