PINK Alecia Beth Moore

Pink is a strong role model for todays young women. She is 37 years old, a mother and a wife. Her career started in 1995 which the Group Choice. She ventured out on her on in 1998.

Pink grew up in the small town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She like many others grew up in a broken home. She was a rebellious teen. She got her first tattoo by the age of 12. A tongue piecing soon followed. Creativity is a quality she possessed. Pink started writing songs by the age of 12. Teen pressure was indeed a factor of her doing drugs by the age of 14.

PinkĀ is edgy and defiant. She has a rather short stature of 5'4". She took up kickboxing as a way to exert some anxiety and stress, a way out of drugs.

  • 1991- Singing debut with School of Thought
  • 1992- Member of Basic Instinct
  • 1996- Debut Solo Artist
  • 1998-Debut Solo Album
  • 2000-Cant Take Me Home- hit song
  • 2001-Missunderstood-hit song
  • 2002- MTV fests female video and dance award
  • 2003- Try This- hit song
  • 2004- Best female rock/vocal performance for Trouble- Grammy award

These are just a few of her accomplishments as an artist. The list could go on forever. Pink has joined a variety of other singers and groups to go and record a number of hits. She is not even close to being done in her professional abilities.


"I'd rather fall down for what I believe in and for what makes me tick. Is that smart? Who knows. Might not be. But their still some fear in me-I want to be understood. I want to be heard" (pink).


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