Passageway By: Sofia GAmboa

I need to find that necklace for my father. He has done everything for me, I need to pay him back some way.

My mom went missing when I was very young, so I don't remember anything. All I know is that I have to help my father search for what he is looking for. I don’t know very much all I know is that it opens some kind of secret passageways, and he needs that it to see what is inside there

On my first day being a counselor at Walker Valley High I noticed a very handsome man entering his classroom from the name tag outside his classroom I could see his name was Mr. Stefan Holloway.

After a very long first day at work I was finally getting my stuff ready to head out.

“Ow!” I felt a muscular figure hit against me.

“I’m sor-,” the other person said before stopping and standing there like a statue.

“You’re Ava right” Mr. Holloway said.

“Yup that’s me” I said.

“Well aren’t you the most beautiful women have ever seen” that just made me smile ten times brighter.

“Thanks, you’re not too shabby yourself,” I said in a flirtatious way “how about coffee tomorrow.”

“That would be great,” said Mr. Holloway

“Okay see you there” I replied

The next day went by fast and the end of the day had approached.

I made my way to the coffee shop where I was going to meet Mr. Holloway.

I saw him walk in and as always he looked very handsome.

He sat down and we both ordered a cup of coffee, and from there we just talked about anything and everything that came to our minds. Till I saw the necklace it didn’t make sense why did he have it, is it him that I’m looking for.

“I’m sorry I have to go” I said before storming off.

I didn’t turn back, I couldn’t how could this be happening when I thought I had found the perfect person for me.

I felt really bad, so I called him to apologize for yesterday and i told him the reason why I left.

“Hey Stefan I’m sorry for leaving yesterday, but where did you get that necklace from?”

“My mom gave it to me when I was 7, why?”

“It's cause, well, my dad sent me on a mission to get that necklace. So I went undercover as the school counselor. I didn't know who had it. He told me that it was someone at Walker Valley High. Yesterday, when I found out you were the person that had that necklace, my heart stopped. My dad had said that whoever had it, I must kill them so we can open the secret passageway that he didn't want to tell me about. My dad had the key to open the passageway, but I needed your necklace to see what's inside that tomb. He said it was a secret and he didn't trust me keeping it. So I still don't know what remains in there, but I have a feeling it's bad and I don't want it to ruin anything for us. You see yesterday I started crying because I knew my dad was going to make me hurt you, but I didn't want to. You've been the only person that likes me for me and not for anything else. I couldn't imagine anything happening to you. I have always needed someone like you.” I explained to him.

“It’s all making sense now my mom wanted me to find the other part to open the passageway so she could be the first one to see what was in there,” he said “she wanted me to do all the dirty work for her.”

“Okay I have an idea all you need to bring is that necklace meet me in the forest tomorrow at noon,” I said.

The next day we both meet in the forest from there I led him to the passageway it was a very ancient stone. That’s where I told him my idea.

“I think we should just destroy these so no one will know what’s inside of that.

Without hesitation we both smashed the articles against a rock and the shattered into little pieces.

Till this day no one knows what’s inside of there, and I really don’t care what it is. I have not seen that place since that day. I continued to work as the counselor of Walker Valley High, and I couldn’t be happier.


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