Missing dog By: Jaelyn mcgarity

"slam!" The screen door closes. "Wait no stop!" Victoria cries yelling. "don't take my dog!"

Victoria - young girl Dr. Jones- detective that helps Victoria find her dog. Robert- an alien marshmallow who is Dr. Jones partner. Aiden Rogers the criminal ex boyfriend who stills Victoria's dog.

house that Victoria lives in

"let me interduse you to Dr. Jones." the cop says to Victoria. "Hi I'm Dr. Jones, I am a detective that will be helping you with your case." "my partner will be coming shortly, his name is Robert."

Dr. Jones partner comes shortly after. They get right on the case. studying everyone that could have stole Victoria's dog.

" I just remembered my ex boyfriend he loved my dog. He couldn't stop holding him everywhere he went the dog just had to go." " His name is Aiden Rogers."

They go and find Aiden.

" Freeze put your hands up don't move." Aiden takes off running.


Created with images by karenwarfel - "puppy dog pet" • oatsy40 - "House" • Clinton Steeds - "Detective"

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