Lyndon Told The Nation Tom Paxton

"Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation" is a 1965 political song that judges President Lyndon B. Johnson and his Administration's "silent" escalation of military involvement in 1964-1965 while denying it in the media. Tom describes the draft with the first verse and goes on to tell all the false promises that the President told the nation and how he continued to send more and more troops into war although he and his team claimed there wasn't any war.

Song: Lyndon Told the Nation

Artist: Tom Paxton - Tom Paxton is also famously known for his songs titled "Bottle of Wine", "The Last Thing on My Mind", "Whose Garden Was This", and many more.

Release Date: 1965 on the album titled Ain't That News!

"Well here I sit in this rice paddy, wondering about Big Daddy, and I know that Lyndon loves me so. Yet how sadly I remember, way back yonder in November, when he said I'd never have to go."

In those lines of the fifth verse Tom mentions sitting on a rice paddy (or field) in Vietnam and remembering the time when President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office in November of 1963. Around that time is when he promised the citizens of the United States success in his Great Society plan not war with Vietnam.

The song reflects well on the time period, the central concern of most Americans was the war in Vietnam. Many were anti-war and it was very popular for music like this to be created. The anti-war movement was very popular

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