Giraffes Are Slowly Becoming Extinct

In 2015 researchers have noticed a drop in the giraffe populations in South Africa. Since 1987, the species stated to have been at 155,000 and now has now dropped to 97,000. The reason being is because their habitats are being destroyed by poachers and because parts of Africa are still very uncivil due to after many wars.

One reporter from ABC news stated that these wonderful animals are quickly climbing the most endangered species red list very quickly. Other threats that have also become an issue is the loss of habitat, illegal hunting, and human-wildlife conflict. A total number of 860 species of plants and animals have already gone extinct from all over the world.

The Red List has also been showing more and more data representing how the three breed of giraffes are starting slowing declining. In seven countries in Africa researchers have quoted that the giraffes that have lived in that area have become extinct. One third of their population are disappearing and need help to stay off the red list.


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