My Art Portfolio Visual art 10 Stark

Assignment NO.1 Shoe Drawing

Artist:Stark Wang

Medium:Pencil on paper

Statement: I created this drawing by using pencils,the main idea was to show as many details as I can.So I observed my shoe very seriously and added as many details as I could.


Artist:Stark Wang

Medium:Pencil on paper

Statement:The purpose of this drawing was to explore values,I have to draw different value on each small drawings.


Artist:Stark Wang

Medium:Pencil and ink on paper

Statement:This drawing was a exploration on pop art,and the most special thing of this drawing is we have to put the paper upside-down.


Artist:Stark Wang

Medium:Ink on paper

Statement:For this drawing,I was told to add zentangles in my creature,so I used creative zentangles to fill the blanks in my creatures.


Artist:Stark Wang

Medium:Acrylic paint on canvas

Statement:This painting is exploration of color and paints,I used colors to create different values,brushes to draw details,and make different colors with primary and secondary colors.

assignment no.6

Artist:Stark Wang, Sandra You, Lucy Lu, Jerry Chen

Medium:Acrylic paint on cystosepiment

Statement:For this painting, we used a very special way to create it,we worked as a group and each member will draw one or two squares, then we put them together to form a whole painting.


Artist:Stark Wang, Roy Jiao


Statement:Roy and I worked together to create this amazing piece of art, and this isn't just a sculpture, it also include informations in it.We want people to think about is when they see it.


Visual Art 10

I started to take this class on September.Three months has past,I have learnt a lot from this class.In this class, I learned about value, shape, texture, line, color and so many other interesting things about art.Sometimes I make some art creation by myself,when I make them,I always think about the things that I learned from this class,I used them in my drawings,they really helped me to create the art I wanted.

My favorite two assignments in this class were zentangle creatures and monochrome selfie.I enjoyed zentangle creatures because this assignment tought me to be creative all the time,with creativity, we can change this world by ourselves.Monochrome selfie was a big challenge to me because I haven't get many chances to paint,so I was afraid that I couldn't do it,but after all, I think I created a successful painting,I surprised myself.

Things that I have learnt in this class are truly helpful in my life, with these certain skills, I am able to design,paint and complete many other interesting things in my life,with my creativity,I believe I can change things and create many incredible things by myself.In the future, these skills can help me get into a better university,get a job that I am willing to do,I really appreciate what did I learn in this class.

Stark W.

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