Conestoga Activities 2018-2019 Weekly


September 18th-21st

Highlights From Last Week

Cougar Cross Country
  • The Cougar Girls competed at the Bennington Meet and were able to bring home the team title.
  • Individuals that placed were 1st-Bella Hogue, 3rd- Danie Parriott, and 13th- Jasmine Rainey
Booster Club President filled in where needed and supplied water for are Cougar runners!
Dawson Hardesty and Trace Widler represented the Cougar boys team both competed well.
Cougar Volleyball
  • The Junior Varsity and Varsity both picked up wins on Thursday on the road at Boystown.
Cougar Junior High Sports
  • The Cougar Junior High Football Team beat Louisville 34-0 in their season opener

The Cougar Junior High Volleyball team was the Raymond Central Tournament Champions on Saturday other teams included Raymond Central, Wahoo, and Bishop Neumann.

Tournament Champions!
Cougar Music
The Cougar Marching Band participated in the Richardson County Parad
Other Cougar Happenings
Cougar Staff celebrated Mr. Friedl's birthday on Friday with donuts, ice cream, and reminding him of everything he is older then for example: Mr. Swantek and Mr. Brokaw combined.


Highlighting the people that are building our culture!

Cougar Culture features were provided by the Junior High Journalism Classes

Sam Thompson
  • 12th grade -Conestoga High
  • Fall Activity-Football
  • Favorite Sport- Football
  • Favorite Team- "Our team"- The Conestoga Cougars
  • Goal: "To play as a team."
  • Opinion on coaches- "They are fun and know what they are talking about."
Destiny Simpson
  • 8th grade-Conestoga Junior High
  • Activities-Volleyball, Basketball, Track, & Softball
  • Suggested change at CHS- Add a Swim team
  • Feelings on juggling sports and school- "It's stressful at times but I like playing and wouldn't trade it for the world."
  • On Coaches- "They understand my personality and give me constructive criticism."
  • Pros- "I get to get out of school, I get to be on a team, and I get a chance to be athletic"
  • Cons- "When you come back to school there is a lot of work and also I'm a perfectionist so I don't like to lose"
Morgan Hensch
  • 6th grade-Conestoga Elementary
  • Activities- Softball & Basketball
  • Favorite Sport to watch: Wrestling "My older brother"
  • Plan on participating: Wrestling & Softball
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