St. Peter Damian By: Samantha Adair

St. Peter Damian was born in 1007. He died in 1072.

St. Peter Damian was a Benedictine monk and a cardinal. He was declared a doctor in 1828 by the Church. His feast day is February 21st.

St. Peter Damian was born in Ravenna and was an orphan. A brother that took pity on him was an archpriest who sent him to school in Faenza and Parma. He became interested in Sacred Studies and became well versed in the Holy Scripture. He taught in ways of humility, wisdom, and piety. He often wrote to people in the church to let him live in solidarity. St. Peter Damian was also involved in stopping the annulment of marriage of Henry IV of Germany and his wife who he said he didn't consummate his marriage with. When Henry of Ravenna was excommunicated Peter was sent there by Alexander II to bring justice to the people that helped in the crimes. That was one of his undertaking in the church. He died on his way back to Rome from a fever.

Dear Saint Peter Damian, bring discipline into my life and help me to be intelligent in all do. Help me to be displined in my studies and help me to focus on tests and remain diligent in doing the right thing. Amen.

I have neither given nor recieved help on this assignment. Samantha Adair

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