Helpers Vanessa Herrera, Fabiola Nunez, Gregory Sanchez, and Sean Chamberlain

Our goal is to clean up after people when they are finished eating. This will make them appreciate the act of kindness that we exemplify. This would inspire others to follow the golden rule, which is: do unto others as you would have them unto you.

Consumption to Contribution

The deed that we are doing is a contribution to the school. We are helping others see a change in kindness and to keep the school clean after lunch.

Transaction to Trust

When someone does a kind deed you build trust towards that person.There can be a transaction to trust when this happens because you see a change in that person.

Isolation to Community

The community needs to impacted in a way that changes people's lives. People are impacted by kindness and love more than they violence and chaos. Some people are willing to throw away old rivalries for the sake of the greater good.

Scarcity to Abundance

The little bit that we are doing is demonstrating to others that you could do more to others without benefiting yourself. Giving more is important and in some point you'll get the same treatment.

Our Expectations:

Vanessa : I expect that this will inspire others to clean up for themselves and to help their classmates show an act of kindness. Hopefully they will see how it feels to help others.

Fabiola: Before working on the project, I expected it to be a nice act to do upon others. I started thinking to myself and said that it was a great idea, and hopefully others can realize that this act of kindness can make a change.

Sean: From the moment i heard about this project, i thought to myself that it was a great idea because it would have us be involved with others and express kindness aswell. I hope we inspired others in the process to continue this trend and to always be kind with each other

Greg: When this project came to light my expectations exceeded amongst all others, not only to spread kindness but to weaken the violence and strengthen the love for each other. With kindness you dont have to only spread it, but with the right people, a little bit of hope and effort you can start a revolution!

What We Learned

Greg: I learned that showing kindness to people changes their perspective on different people.

Vanessa: I learned that doing good deeds to others will make you feel happy about yourself and making the world a better place when doing these deeds.

Sean:I learned that in the process of being kind to others, you are helping those around you and yourself aswell.

Fabiola: I learned a lot about this kind deed that everyone should know about. It is a wonderful thing to be kind towards other. People should follow those footsteps and be kind to make a huge difference.


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