Rust in Peace...Polaris By Megadeth

Rust In Peace

1990 | Metal

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“When will this cease? -- The warheads will all rust in peace. -- Bomb shelters filled to the brim. -- Survival such a silly whim. -- World leaders sell missiles cheap. -- Your stomach turns, your flesh creeps."


  • Rust in Peace hit #23 on the Billboard 200.
  • "Polaris" referring to the Cold War-era Lockheed UGM-27 Polaris intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • Mustaine has revealed that the song was originally titled "Child Saint", and was written before his time with Metallica.


Luke Tatum

One of the very best Megadeth songs. The thing that always strikes me in considering the lyrics here is "How can anyone actually believe that giving governments this kind of power could be a good idea?" But as Ron Paul would always be sure to educate the public, special interest groups have grown up around the military industrial complex. The amount of people who depend on the manufacture of wars and the weapons to fight them is staggering. If the warheads are rusting, someone isn't getting their payday. And that's the perverse reality of the modern era.

Sherry Voluntary

Megadeth has one of the best and most abundant anit-war/anti-State catalogues! Written from the point of view of a warhead that loves the mayhem, and suffering it brings, this one is quite unique. It's a spooky thought experiment, but even scarier is the fact that, just like handguns, missiles don't shoot themselves. They are made, armed, and pointed at targets by men. Even scarier is, it's not done by those who have the political agendas, and will benefit from the destruction of their enemies. No, these actions are carried out by regular folks for paychecks. That is what I truly fear. The ability of many people to shrug off the consequences of their contribution to the ugliness and violence of the world.

Nicky P

There is nothing quite as beautiful to my minds eye as all of the worlds nukes rusting in their silos. Oh to imagine that world. There's nothing particularly special about this song since Mustaine has spent his entire career cranking out anti-war tunes. Its just a beautiful portrait. Let it not go unnoticed that one of the leaders of one of the biggest metal bands of all time wrote incessantly about ending wars. Metallica was not hesitant to flip flop and play sides for money while Dave wrote principled quality music for decades. Sure Metallica has a more prominent role in history but Megadeth was about a million times better on all counts.

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Nicky P