CEE WT08 New Workplace Project March 20, 2017 Update

We are creating an innovative work environment so that all our Customer & Employee Experience (CEE) teams in San Jose Ca can be together.

The focus is on partnering on employee and customer experience.

Adobe Next Generation Workplace

The project is a pilot for the Adobe Next Generation Workplace and you each will play a role in providing feedback.

Update - the project move to WT08 is pushed till September 2017
March CEE One Crate Challenge iPad Winners - Congratulations!
Don't Worry if you didn't win this time. You will get a chance to win an iPad with the next One Crate Challenge in the September 2017 CEE move to West Tower 8th floor.
The research process is underway. Please provide your feedback its important in creating the Adobe Next Generation Workplace.
In April, the first new workspace tours begin at WT 8th floor.

Stay Connected - Reach out to your Project Ambassador if you have questions.

The whole Customer & Employee Experience leadership team is so excited to see the great things the whole team will collectively accomplish in our new home!

Thank You.

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Peggy Stritch

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