Isabella Lucy Bird By:fadwa

  • Early Life :Isabella Lucy Bird was born in Boroughbridge, Egland on October 15th, 1831. Her parents are Edward Bird and Dora Lawson. At the age of 19 Bird had a tumor removed from her spine. Her doctor told her it might help if you travel. After her surgery, her dad gave 100 Pounds and told her "Do whatever you want to." So Bird decided to travel to North America. Eight years later Bird's father died in 1858, so she had to move in with her mother who lived in Scotland.
Bird loved to travel. she visited many places such as Turkey, Australia, Korea, and Morocco.
  • During the journey: Bird's journey started in Baghdad which is the capital of Iraq. Bird was traveling to Tehran in 1890 at the age of 58. Bird traveled to Tehran by a mule which is a cross between a female horse and a male donkey. Bird traveled 432 miles in cold harsh weather. She wore a cork hat, snow spectacles, a woolen face mask, and many layers but that didn't keep her warm. Bird went on this exploration to travel to a new place to learn about new things. During the journey Bird had a diet of goat's milk, dried soup, biscuits, and dates. When Bird finished her journey, she lost nearly 26 pounds and could hardly get off the mule.
On the left is a random mule and on the right is a picture of Isabella Lucy Bird.
  • Accomplishments: Even though Bird did not find any new places, she did show that women can do just as many things as men can. She showed this by going on a tough journey with very little resources when in the 19 century women were expected to stay at home.
  • Problems faced: During the journey Bird had many problems as in a very bad diet with not enough healthy lifestyle choices. Bird also was very cold she was frozen day and night, and she suffered from depression because of her spinal surgery
  • From the perspective of the mule: All of a sudden I was in a area with lots of green and rows of dirt plots witch I think is what makes carrots and other yummy things. All of a sudden this person jumped on my back clicked its heels at my side and said" Giddy up." Since I am a smart mule I started galloping. It petted me, I liked it. I walked a lot. I was tired. Whenever it ate, it would sneak some yummy trinkets in my eating hole . We traveled for a long time, well at least to me. After a super long time, my hooves were far past hurting. We stopped, I was confused. It was trying get off, then stopped I heard it talking to itself in total gibberish. Finally, after a while it got off and I was free. But It did sneak me one last treat.
Cool old looking map.
  • Isabella Lucy Bird's character traits: Three character traits I would have to give Bird is 1. Adventures. 2. Determined. 3.Strong. Why I would call Bird adventures is because she traveled all over the place mainly by herself to discover new things she stayed a while in the Rocky Mountains witch I bet must have been extremely hard. Another reason why I would say Bird is adventures is right after a little recovery from her surgery she got back on her feet and conquered the world. I would say Bird is determined when she travels why that is, since when she was going to Hawaii Bird probably had no idea on what she was going to find but she was determined to find and do something. Finally I think Bird is strong in so many different ways but one of them is during the journey I wrote about she was strong by surviving in that harsh weather, and with only being limited to a tiny variety of food. Those are a few character traits I would use to describe Bird.
Bird loved to write on the left and right side are two books she wrote. In 1892 Bird was the first women asked to join the Royal Geographic Society.
  • Rest In Pieces: Bird died on October 7, 1904 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bird died of fatty and calcareous degeneration of the heart.
This is Bird's gravestone.


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