<<The Life of Shakespeare>> Payden Burgard Period 4

Now, a closer look at Shakespeare's career & accomplishments.

...William Shakespeare & his Early Life...

Shakespeare was born in a small town city "William Shakespeare was born in Stratford, a bustling market town 100 miles northwest of London" on April 23rd in the year of 1564. William was as well baptized just a few days after birth on the 26th of April that same year. It is amazing that his parents were able to raise such an outstanding and intelligent child in such a small area like their hometown. Unfortunately William passed away in the year of 1616 on April 23rd, his 52nd birthday "His birthday is celebrated on April 23rd which was also the date of his death in 1616." but the cause of his death is still to this day a mystery.
In the photo above is Anne Hathaway, William's wife. "Anne Hathaway was the wife of William from the year of 1555 to 1623." They had been together a long while and still continued to be in love for many, many years. Although in love the age difference between the two was quite the number. "She married Shakespeare in 1582, when she was 26 years old and he was 18." But back in that time this was not a problem as it is now. The couple had 3 children and the home the family grew up in is now kept as a memorial still to this day. To many, it is amazing that the parents, especially William managed to balance a love life, parenthood and still continued to impress the world with his work. He was of course a busy man and he was still outstanding at what he chose to do in his free time.

//The Famous Library & Facts//

The picture above is the famous Independent Library located in Washington D.C., "houses one of the worlds most important collections of books by and about William Shakespeare." This special building also holds and provides numerous amounts of public programs. This library is important to people all over the world and will continue to please many for centuries to come. Also it portrays Shakespeare's best work and still spares time for the towns people. "The library also holds collections on Britain (now the United Kingdom) for the period from the mid-1400’s to the mid-1700’s." This special place also allows people to admire William's work such as his detailed plays and poems all around the world. So all in all this Library is very much appreciated by many to this day.

!! William's many different styles he portrays in his work !!

William had many different styles when it came to his efficient work. He wrote at least 38 plays in total and several poems. His work included of course things like poems, plays, and much more. His work is mainly filled with many metaphors and of course lots of brilliant images. "Critics and readers acknowledge his superb way with words even when the richness of his language blurs the sense of what his text means." William portrayed many curve balls placed in his work and still managed to please and have a certain style for everyone. All of his styles somehow pleased everyone in some way. "Besides influencing language and literature, Shakespeare has affected other aspects of our culture." Shakespeare had a very detailed and specific way of doing his pieces and it worked.

** Hamlet & William's work**

Hamlet and Shakespeare worked together on many pieces of work and were quite successful to say the least. Hamlet also is considered by many "...a five-act tragedy by the English dramatist William Shakespeare." himself. Their most famous piece of works is called "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" This specific piece of work was during a specific time "It is included among Shakespeare's mature tragedies, written during the third period of his artistic development." In conclusion this specific piece of work involving Hamlet became very known in just a small amount of time.

The end, I hope you enjoyed!! :)


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